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Rosana A.

“What started out as just a fun-fun-fun Christmas gift from my boyfriend Drew, also turned out to be a personal rewarding experience. Since childhood, I loved to dance! Ha – I could show you pictures of me dancing for the camera at four! Funny though, I always thought of myself as having good rhythm, but slow at picking up steps. Ballet, pom-poms, every dance except free form, I felt awkward.

James Dutton and Kelly Lakomy owners and dance instructors of Naperville Author Murray revealed something to me I never felt comfortable with before. I really don’t have to get right the first time, maybe not the second and for that matter maybe not even the third time! All I really need to do is have fun with it! The steps, the finesse – that comes a lot faster if you just relax and enjoy yourself.

I never thought that the awkward, slow, girl could become a bronze level ballroom dancer in a year! I credit Kelly and James’ relaxed, fun, friendly, encouraging and professional approach to Ballroom dance – as key to getting me loosened up. That and a great amount of patience from my boyfriend Drew, he’s the steps and I’m the rhythm. I’m not as hard on myself these days and that has changed the “getting steps part of dance” into an enjoyable part of the learning experience. That’s a first in my life.

So what’s been holding you back? Afraid you can’t do it? Don’t have a partner? Think it may cost too much, or take too much time? Well you don’t need to be afraid, you don’t need a partner and time/money should never keep you from doing something you love. You could be robbing yourself and your partner or spouse of a wonderful lifelong experience. Are you thinking of getting married? You could take lessons for the BIG DAY! The possibilities are endless on how you can cut the rug on your wedding day. Drew and I hope to see you on the dance floor!”

Drew D.

“What’s 237 minus 61? 39 minus 7?

That’s the new me at 176lbs with a 32 inch waist, at almost 49 years old! Hello, my name is Drew, and yes, I’m a dance-o-holic. Oh, wait, that’s a different meeting. But after trying this you’ll be hooked too.

Ballroom dance. That’s what took away 61 lbs and 7 inches. Losing weight and inches while learning to dance and having fun. I’ve belonged to lots of gyms, owned all the home equipment – is yours just an expensive clothes hanger too? In the last 10 years nothing has gotten me in shape like dancing. Even better, your mind is so engaged on what you’re learning, you never notice the “work out” you’re getting.

Seriously, trade the gym membership and the stair master for the waltz and the salsa (and lots more) at Arthur Murray Dance Center in Naperville. Soon you’ll catch yourself doing the latest Salsa step in your hallway, and hoping for an empty elevator so you can practice a waltz on the way to your office.

Not only can I see myself improve weekly, but I’ve learned I can do things I never thought I could. I’m a classic “type A” professional in the business world. Detailed. Analytical. Perfectionist. Only problem was, I thought, there’s not a natural rhythm, dance, or music bone in my body. Well, I’ve discovered that in fact my hips can move! Who knew?

Social dances, ballroom dances, now I can do them all!

As I think about it I can hardly believe all I’ve been taught: Waltz, Fox Trot, Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha, Salsa, Swing, Hustle, Meringue, West Coast Swing, Two-Step, Mambo, Samba, Lindy… and there’s more on my list to learn!

How fulfilling to battle the pre-show nerves, then perform and hear the applause and compliments from others.

How fun to go somewhere and dance, and have people step back and notice!

Now when we go out with friends they ask us to dance because they want to watch – us! How cool is that?

What started as a surprise for my girlfriend has become something very important and valuable in our lives. We’ve found dancing to be a great way to meet great people, make new friends, and push our boundaries. Not only are we having great fun as a couple, but we’ve grown as a couple, and we’re doing things we’d never have done were it not for dance. That’s not to mention the opportunities for travel opened up to us as students at Arthur Murray. Along with meeting people from around the world, there’s the great “local” fun we have too when we go out as a group to the occasional “destination unknown” to use what we’ve been learning in the studio, out in public!

While I’ve lost lots of weight, I’ve gained even more – friends, style, poise, confidence, and did I say, hips that move!

And what can I say about the instructors – they are an amazing group of people!

With contagious enthusiasm and seemingly endless energy they are always “up”! Patient and relaxed in their approach to teaching, tailored for whatever it is I want to be learning at the moment. Teaching me much more than just “steps” – you can get that anywhere – but teaching me how to take a pattern of steps and turn it into something much greater by incorporating style, feeling and attitude.

And Naperville Arthur Murray gives me lots of opportunities to “show my stuff” – from guest parties to the more formal Showcase, Spotlight and Medal Ball events, and new for us this year – competitions! Dance-O-Rama’s! Held all over the country and all over the world!

They delight in my progress and applaud my success.

They are truly my biggest fans, my personal cheerleaders. And I wouldn’t trade them!

Get off the couch, DVR that show, skip being depressed by the nightly news, and come see what you might just find on the dance floor at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Naperville.

Are you a couple, come together?

A single, you’ll fit right in.

A family, bring the whole gang!

Looking forward to meeting you and to dancing with you! Just ask for Drew or Rosana, everyone knows who we are.”


“I have never taken any REAL dance lessons before, but I have always loved to move my body to the beat of the music. I loved watching others dance and then teaching myself how to do what they were doing, but not really succeeding. Then one day I was watching Dancing with the Stars during Season 3 and was mesmerized by how beautifully the dancers moved across the floor and how much fun they were having. At that point I told myself that I wanted to learn how to do what they were doing. As luck would have it a commercial played for Arthur Murray Dance Studio, so I did some research about the company. A few days later I called the Naperville studio and set up an appointment for my first lesson and from that moment on I absolutely loved it.

The teachers are so much fun and very knowledgeable about ballroom dancing. There is not one day I leave the studio without laughing during a class, a lesson, a party, an event, etc. They work with you and your budget which is awesome. Their way of teaching makes it very easy to learn the steps, and if you do not get it right away that’s ok because they are all very patient and will work with you so you do understand it. If you don’t like the dance you’re learning for some odd reason, that’s ok because you can choose another dance to focus on. It is a family friendly environment so there are people of all ages there. They have a Core Rhythms class that really incorporates the dances we learn to help develop our muscles as well as improve your frame and footwork. The class is a lot of fun and the teacher is great. Trust me, it may say Core Rhythms, but you work every single part of your body.

I have met so many wonderful people at this studio and have attended a few of the events in the 8 months I have been there. You also get to meet people from other Arthur Murray Studios if you attend events like Showcase, Medal Ball, Newsome Twosome, etc. I have a blast every time I go and get a good workout in the process.”

Carly P.

“Throughout my life, I always did some kind of dancing, rather it was little dance classes such as hip hop, jazz and class in gym, but I always found myself dancing. And well, I always enjoyed doing it. There was a year that I spent maybe a year on and off at one dance studio, I had a good time but then I found my way to Arthur Murray, where my dancing life was changed for good.

January 2009 right before my 19th birthday I got a call saying I won tickets to Dirty Dancing the musical and a gift certificate to Arthur Murray. At that point in time I had no clue what Arthur Murray was, till I called and found out. I called the Chicago studio for my private lesson, then one night talked to my neighbor and found out that a Naperville location opened up. I called them and got James on the phone. They recently just opened up. So on a Thursday night, I walked in and had NO CLUE what to expect, and I learned how to ballroom dance. From that day on I was hooked for good. I started out just dancing and seeing what it was all about. Since they were a new studio, it was very empty, me two instructors and well only really two new students at the time. So I continued going to classes and private lessons, I had so much fun. Met some new people, new friends. I found the best hobby in the world.

James has changed my life, I have learned so much, and grown not only in dancing but as a person. I came out of my shy shell 100%. I can be myself around people that I don’t even know. I have the time of my life there. Not only have I made great friends and a second family, I’ve lost weight, I haven’t felt or looked so good in years. I feel like I have more energy because of Ballroom Dancing and it’s an amazing place.

Being a college student and working part time (well working on and off) doing what I can to pay for lessons and be any part of the studio as I can. And I have been there for little over a year now. James and the other instructors inspire me every day and I do whatever it takes to stay at the studio and keep dancing.

It’s an amazing environment, the instructors and other students are just a great group of people and just a big ball of fun. I encourage anyone who’s anyone to join Arthur Murray, rather its once a week to everyday. You’ll love it and can’t help but smile when you walk in and out of that place.

Naperville Arthur Murray, you guys mean so much to me and I enjoy every minute with all of you! From the bottom of my heart!”

M. Wilson

“What a wonderful group of people. They are very professional and a lot of fun. I would recommend Arthur Murray to anyone.”

Carmen Peterson

“When I was about 73, I started taking lessons from The Arthur Murray Studio. At first I didn’t take it very seriously, but the more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. It was so much fun. I didn’t feel old when I was dancing. The studio is a wonderful place. We work hard because dancing is work. You have to spend many hours practicing. But we are always having showcases, competitions, parties, etc. so we can show off. And I love to show off! I always have a great partner because there are so many very good teachers. I take a lot of coaching lessons too, and that keeps you on your toes.

I will be ninety years old next year, but I still dance every day, and hope that I will always continue even though I could be wearing wings…”

New to Dancing? Schedule a $40 Sample Lesson

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