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New to Dancing? Schedule a $40 Sample Lesson

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Whether you want to learn to dance for fun or in preparation for a special event, Arthur Murray Dance Centers is here to help. Our highly skilled instructors can teach anyone to dance, regardless of their experience level. Since 1912, our instructors have focused on providing personalized instruction that has helped more than 40 million students learn the art of dance. Schedule a sample lesson today and get a taste of all we have to offer you at our studio.

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Rhythm and Latin Dances

To learn rhythm and Latin dances, trust the knowledgeable teachers at Arthur Murray. We teach many types of Latin dance, including the salsa, the merengue, the samba, the cha cha, and the rumba. We also teach many types of rhythm dances, such as the jitterbug, the jive, and both East Coast and West Coast swing dancing. No partner is necessary as we welcome both single and couples dancers in our classes.

Smooth and Standard Dances

Whether you have always wanted to master the timeless art of ballroom dance, or want to wow onlookers at your upcoming wedding reception, we can help you learn the right moves. We teach many smooth and standard dances, including the waltz, the tango, the quickstep, the Peabody, and the fox trot.

Country Western Dances

Dust off your boots and get ready to groove as you have fun learning how to country western dance. Dances we teach include the country shuffle, the Texas two-step, the country swing, the country triple, the country western waltz, and the progressive two-step.

  • Country Shuffle
  • Country Swing
  • Country Triple
  • Country Western Waltz
  • Progressive Two-Step
  • Texas Two-Step

Specialty Dances

At Arthur Murray Dance Centers, you can learn dances for any occasion, including specialty dances like the Argentine tango, foxy/slow dance, and the nightclub two-step. We welcome groups in our classes and have classes for kids too, making it easy to find something for everyone at our studio.

  • Argentine Tango
  • Foxy/Slow Dance
  • Nightclub 2-Step

Dances We Teach

Engaging in a dance lesson can be ideal for socializing, reducing your stress level, or boosting your fitness level. It broadens your understanding of the arts, and you also will become more disciplined. We offer rhythm and Latin dances, country western dances, smooth and traditional dances, and specialty dances. Choose your dance class from the following.

The Cumbia

This derived from a courtship dance enjoyed by African slaves. Also referred to as the rhythm of Colombia, its original beat came from Guinean cumb music. In the most traditional form of this dance lesson, you will imitate holding a candle while engaging in short, dragging steps.

These dragging steps were symbolic of the manacles around slaves’ ankles. Slaves often wore boleros and vibrant-colored dresses; much of this dance involved the man pursuing the woman. Your lesson will include step sequences of a basic 4-count, backward motion and a two-step forward.

The Peabody

In this ragtime dance, you will do a cross step and a lock step. Your posture will be set in a right-outside position, and there will be ample traveling across the dance floor. You also can execute some slight dipping with this dance. It resembles a rolling wave and first became a craze in the early 1900s. It includes a slow rendition and a faster one of 50 counts per minute. Be prepared to move a lot across the floor with this brisk dance.

Country Shuffle

Enroll for a dance class in the country shuffle, the Western version of the polka. Perfect for beginners, you’ll learn how to glide around the floor in a counterclockwise fashion. It’s fun, with an upbeat tempo, and synonymous with country western tunes. You’ll also find elements of the polka, nightclub two-step and Texas two-step in this dance class. This dance includes a triple step to the left, followed by a triple step to the right. Enjoy exhilarating tempos of up to 290 measures per minute in a 2/4-time signature.

Argentine Tango

Join this dance class for a taste of Buenos Aires flavor. This evocative dance was derived in the 19th century, and you’ll get to feel elements of nostalgia when executing it. It includes an embrace, some walking, vals and milongna, codigos and yeta, and some figures. Some of its variations include the show tango, tango orillero and the tango de fantasia.

Contact us today for your sample dance lesson, and let the fun begin.

New to Dancing? Schedule a $40 Sample Lesson

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