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Whether you’re a novice looking for a rewarding hobby, or aspiring to catapult your dance aptitude to the next level, our extensive range of dance lessons will leave you spoiled for choice. Shimmy and sculpt your body, impress a crowd, or glide gracefully across the dance floor with our customized private classes, dance work outs, couples dance lessons, or wedding dance classes. Here are some of the classes our highly trained instructors are providing.

Specialty Dance Lessons

It’s helpful to get off to an early start with dancing; so we’re presenting a new children’s program called Arthur’s Kids. This is introductory, and ideal if your child has no dance experience. They’ll learn, amongst others, the fundamental steps to the waltz, tango, swing, hustle, salsa, or rumba.

Smooth and Standard Lessons

Leave wedding guests or ballroom spectators flabbergasted with your new dance skills, with our range of smooth and standard styles. Impress with the passionate and precise tango, the dynamic quickstep, the elegant waltz, or the long flowing manoeuvres of the foxtrot. We also provide classes for the peabody, an extension of the fast foxtrot of the ragtime epoch.

Country Western Dancing

Learn how to stomp and style in Western fashion with our country shuffle, progressive two-step, Texas two-step, and country Western waltz. Our instructors can also teach you the country swing. This exciting dance form derived from the 1920s, will have you strutting your tuck and turns in record time.

Rhythm and Latin Styles

If you love eclectic dances, our salsa classes are just for you, with its mixture of Afro-Cuban and Caribbean rhythms. Our professional instructors are also skilled in the hip-swashing cumba and samba.

Learn how to set the dance floor ablaze in Spanish style with the 16th century paso doble, or simply do the hustle. We also offer dance classes in the swing, east coast swing, jitterbug, jive, bolero, lindy, rumba and cha cha.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to groove Dominican Republic style, try some Merengue dance lessons. This dance style comprises African beats, and is often described as one of the easiest social dances to learn. This is perfect if you’re into precision-focused partnered dancing. Watch your self-confidence grow as you master its side basic, backward basic, and forward steps.

Let our friendly instructors put you through your bachata paces. This dance has lots of hip and leg action. It’s simple to grasp, and can be performed solo or with a partner. It’s similar to the salsa, as it’s an 8-beat style too. You could start with the bachata basic side-to-side movement on your own, and then progress to partnered dancing.

New to Dancing? Schedule a $40 Sample Lesson

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