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New to Dancing? Schedule a $40 Sample Lesson

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For more than a century, Arthur Murray Dance Centers have been helping people realize their dancing potential with their extensive range of exhilarating lessons. You’ll be showcasing your newfound skills, alleviating stress, boosting your overall health, making new acquaintances and having oodles of fun. If you’re looking, you might even find romance here, as dancing is the ideal icebreaker and romantic gesture. Here are some of the dance lessons near you:


The Tango

This mesmerizing dance originated in the late 19th century in Uruguay and Argentina. Allow the rhythm to flow through you as our professional dance instructors put you through basic moves like the embrace, your posture, and your slow-slow-quick-quick-slow basic step. You may also add some flare to your movements with progressive rocks.

The Rumba

This unique dance comprises lots of engaging, sultry Cuban hip motion and is highly dramatic. It’s a theatrical style and expresses the passionate love between a coy woman and her dominant male partner. This slow-paced dance has a range of distinctive steps such as the open hip twist, the La Elenita, the fan, the Aida, the hockey stick, the Alemana turn, the fencing line, and the El Paseo.

The music is four beats per measure — a 4/4 time sequence. Your tempos here usually range from 104-108 beats per minute. This dance was originally influenced by African beats, but gained popularity in other genres such as rock, country, and blues too. It’s primarily danced in a box fashion, with lots of eye contact between partners.

The Cha-Cha

This dance has Cuban origins and is flirty and feisty. It has a lighthearted feel to it, and you can’t help but have fun here. Showcase sultry Cuban hip motion, combined with tiny steps. Dance this in a 4/4 tempo, with your fourth beat split into two.

Our esteemed instructors will teach you steps such as the New York, fan, the cha-cha chasse, the el mojito, underarm spot turns, the zigzag, the liquidizer, and the peek-a-boo.

Nothing impresses a crowd more than dancers skilled in different styles. If you’re looking for dance lessons near you, look no further. Book your introductory or sample lesson at Arthur Murray Dance Centers today for just $40.

New to Dancing? Schedule a $40 Sample Lesson

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